D I Y - Heat beanies for the kids...

 Little tootsies get so cold at night....
So every little chicken needs a snuggly hot 'heat beanie' to take to bed at night...
or just for snuggling on the couch watching 'George the Monkey' or 'Little Ponies' . Well that's my opinion anyway.

So when Bella asked me to make her one....I thought it would be fun if she designed it herself.

I gave her a sheet of paper and asked her to draw her 'heat beanie' I then took her 'Cheetah' design (surprise surprise...who would have guessed it would be a cheetah) and created it out of fabric.. filled it with white rice and ta-da!

Brookies design took a little artistic  interpretation.... that single straight line on the paper... that is Brookies version of a frog! Oh yeah... of course...I can see that.

Then to even it up so Brayden wasn't left out....we stitched him a one-eyed monster.

Now Mummy and Daddy have put in there orders ...



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